Kindess travels...

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless" 
- Mother Teresa

In the heart of Lancaster county, another day was beginning to awake. Vehicles started their whirling engines, breakfast was being served, and offices began flipping on their lights.  

In the office of HOPE International - however, a surprise awaited their employees as they walked through the door. 

HOPE International, (a local non-profit) strives to share the hope of Christ as they provide biblically based training, savings services, and loans that restore dignity to different countries and break the cycle of poverty. 

With these services come lots of hard work, time, and efforts as HOPE comes alongside those in need around the world. As an employee at HOPE International, the mission is to serve wholeheartedly to those around them. Little did employees know the gift they were about to receive. Walking in, the day seemed fairly normal. This was until employees were interrupted at their desks by their supervisor with bright pink boxes filled with the best Lancaster Cupcakes. The Occasion? None that it seemed. Upon opening the box, the employees were greeted with a note that gave a special message of appreciation as well as the company's office hashtag, #randomactsofkindness. A deep gratitude and thankfulness filled the office space. Such an unexpected gift! Employees were deeply moved by the act of kindness- so much so, that the #randomactsofkindness continued. 

Human Recourses Manager at HOPE International, (Ray Chung), relayed to Spotlight a story that traveled across different lands into the hearts of our staff. 

"One of our staff from Lancaster travelled to one of our field programs to Democratic Republic of Congo. Upon experiencing the #randomactsofkindness, she suggested the idea to the managing director of the field program. He loved the idea and asked if they could replicate that in this all staff meeting there. And so, in the spirit of expressing thanks to the staff how much management appreciates the fact that they're serving along with HOPE, they got each one a small gift consisting of biscuits, a HOPE pen, a small card with a word of thanks. The managing director gave each person their gift and shared his appreciation (got teary) on how much it means to him to serve alongside."

At Spotlight, we serve and create opportunities for CEO's to show appreciation to their employees not only to effect those around us, but in light of spreading kindness and appreciation to others and all that we come in contact with.