I demonstrate appreciation already. What does Spotlight do for me that I could not do myself?

By choosing to partner with Spotlight, you are actively choosing to show your deep appreciation towards your employees through Spotlights convenient solutions to benefit, in turn, your entire ecosystem (people, product, production) in your company.  

Investment in Spotlight = Appreciated people, Improved culture, lower turnover

Does Spotlight's products/services actually feed into the growth of corporate/small businesses?  

Spotlight provides products and services to help people feel valued. We use products and services as the key part, but know that at the end of the day, a product is not the final solution. This is where you come in.  Productivity (by means of accomplishing tasks given through an allotted time period) increases through the constant reminder, growth, and care of a culture, as well as the constant decrease of turnover within a business. Thus, Spotlight provides the opportunity to give a leg-up to businesses trying to grow.

improved culture + lower turnover = increased productivity 

Has your company been improving companies overall profit?

Higher productivity through improved culture and morale, will generate more profit to not only the business owner, but will generate a higher experience for the team mates working alongside each other, to in fact benefit the customer’s total experience. 

  improved culture + increased productivity = increased profit

How does Spotlight's services keep turnover down?

By investing in Spotlight, you are choosing to make an active stand towards demonstrating your appreciation to your employees. This matters. By demonstrating value, people will know they are appreciated- which in turn, combats the number one reason people are leaving their jobs- because of feeling undervalued/ appreciated.

active outward appreciation + known self value = lower turnover

How does Spotlight improve my culture?

By demonstrating value, you instill a spirit of appreciation in your culture. To put it simply, think of appreciation as a butterfly effect. Valuing and appreciating people may seem like a small act of kindness, but it could move mountains in your culture.

demonstrating value + the process of time = improved culture